IQ Test: Where Does It Come From and What Does It Measure?

The most important criterion in diagnosing a child as learning disabled is the IQ test. The aim of an IQ test is to measure the intelligence of a child, which supposedly is an indication of the child's potential. But where does the test come from and does it really measure potential? Click Here To Read More

Monkey 'IQ test' hints at intelligent human ancestor

Human intelligence may not be so human after all. New research on monkeys finds that individual animals perform consistently on numerous different tests of intelligence – a hallmark of human IQ and, perhaps, an indication that human intellect has a very ancient history. Click Here To Read More

What IQ Tests Can't Tell You

The story goes back to 1984 when Flynn, a social scientist from the University of Otago, New Zealand was sent some data by a Dutch psychologist P.A. Vroon, which Flynn now describes as the "bombshell in a letter box". The data showed that in a single generation, Dutch males had made enormous gains in an I.Q. test called "Raven’s Progressive matrices", an example of which is shown on the right. When he saw this data, it struck Flynn that "if I.Q. gains occurred over time anywhere, they might have occurred everywhere," and after 25 years spent proving this was indeed the case he has now begun to work out why. Click Here To Read More

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